NeroQom ADaPT

One size doesn't fit all...


ADAPTS is the approach we use to ensure that every single project we work on is evaluated on its own needs and situation. Just because we did the building next door, doesn’t make this one the same. 

The ADAPTS strategy covers the four key steps we’ll use to get you the right answer:


If you want to see it in action and experience the difference it makes, contact us now. 

NeroQom ADaPT Strategy

We'll always think before we act...

#000-1 NeroQom® ADAPTS Strategy

Where we begin. ADAPTS defines how we analyse every project and guarantees our results.

NeroQom ADaPT Control & Correction

We're on our way...

#000-2 NeroQom® ADAPTS Control & Correction

Proactive, high-end maintenance. We’ll send in the Squad to document and fix issues as they clean.

NeroQom ADaPT Defect Registration

Let us take a look...

#000-3 NeroQom® ADAPTS Defect Registration

We’ll survey your project using the best software and the latest technology to pin-point the issues which need your attention.