NeroQom Advanced Solutions

We love a challenge...

NeroQom® Advanced Solutions

You’ll probably find this hard to believe but we’ve not seen everything. Between the Squad we’ve seen most things, but every once in a while we come across a new material, new use, new finish or something truly unique.

Unlike some, when this happens we don’t assume that something off the shelf will take care of it.

Sometimes it will.

Often it won’t.

That’s what our range of Advanced Solutions are for. Answers to the questions we’ve not been asked before. Working with you, manufacturers and experts, we’ll develop a Custom Discipline just for you. 

How good is that? 

Some NeroQom magic for you...

#005-1 NeroQom® Custom Discipline

We’re always looking for unique challenges, when we find one, this Discipline is used.

We love seeing new materials...

#005-2 NeroQom® Custom Materials

Unique situations can have unusual or undefined needs for chemicals and consumables. When we can’t specify an exact volume at the start of a project, we’ll use this Discipline.

New toys for the Squad...

#005-3 NeroQom® Specialist Equipment

In the rare case that we don’t have the equipment at NeroQom® HQ, that won’t stop us getting the job done. We’ll source the right tool and get the job done.