NeroQom Blast

Stand back, it's time to...

NeroQom® Blast

Some jobs need a tougher solution than others. That’s when our Blast solutions come into play. Using the latest in blasting equipment we’ll get the job done.

But, tough doesn’t mean without care. Every machine we use has a range of options including pressure, temperature or medium used to let us customise the treatment to the desired result. That way we can ensure that we only remove the contamination, not damage the surface.

We ensure that our Squad is fully trained and experienced with the equipment we use. That way you get cutting edge technology coupled with professional service every time.

All the power, no mess...

#010-1 NeroQom® Dry Ice Blast

Dry ice enables the Squad to clean without water and without leaving residue, the same great results without the mess.

So many ways to great results...

#010-2 NeroQom® Precision Blast

The Squad has a range of different compounds to blast with which can be used on various types of surface to deliver the results you need.

Tough job? Hit it with a beach...

#010-3 NeroQom® Sand Blast

When you need great results without all the liquid, we have the blasting solution to get the job done.

High tech power...

#010-4 NeroQom® Dry Ice Fusion Blast

We blend dry ice with different media as we blast to customise the results to your needs and surface. This Discipline uses advanced blasting technology to deliver results you won’t believe.