Every surface needs care, even...

NeroQom® Coated Surfaces

Coated surfaces come in a huge range of colours and finishes. Sometimes they’re there as a layer of protection, other times it’s more aesthetic.

What ever the reason, they need taking care of. It’s not just enough to give them an infrequent wash. All you’ll achieve then is to lower the quality of the finish, damaging gloss-rate, hardness or colour. 

Getting the NeroQom Squad to come take a look will not only result in better looking Coated Surfaces, but can also result in a longer life-cycle as well.

Whether you need your Coated Surfaces cleaned, protected or upgraded, we can help. Just let us know what you need. 

Looking good...

#200-1 NeroQom® Coated Clean Pro

Coated surfaces can be very sensitive. We use our pH-neutral, emulsifying deep cleaners to restore the appearance of your coated surface from even the heaviest contamination.

Take it back to day one...

#210-1 NeroQom® Coated Restore Protect

Protecting coated surfaces is complicated but we’ll make it easy with this Discipline. Coated Restore Protect will even bring back colour, gloss-rate and hardness to your coated surfaces as it protects.

Better than brand new...

#220-1 NeroQom® Coated Upgrade Protect​

Prevention is better than cure, so upgrade your coated surfaces from the day of installation to retain the quality of their colour and gloss-rate for years to come.