How we make your day better...

What's so special about NeroQom?

NeroQom does not have traditional services, we have disciplines. Each discipline is a unique combination of our products, know-how and application techniques that will give you the exact results you need every day. They’re all designed around our ADAPTS strategy to do what you need, as simple as that.

Whatever the issue, where ever the problem, the NeroQom Squad will bring the perfect disciplines to your project and deliver them.

Check out our disciplines below, that will give you an idea of ​​the breadth and range of solutions that NeroQom will bring to your project. We’ll work with you to understand what you need. If you need to clean, restore or protect, everything from a superyacht to a high-rise skyscraper, the answer is here.

But, if you’re not the patient type, you can take a look at the complete set of our Disciplines in these three, convenient and stylish menus:

NeroQom Material Techniques Discipline Menu (PDF, 446 KB)

NeroQom Process Techniques Discipline Menu (PDF, 119 KB)

NeroQom Operations Discipline Menu (PDF, 139 KB)

Now, for those who want to see everything, sit back, relax and enjoy … 

Material Techniques.

It's everywhere...

#100 NeroQom® Anodised Aluminium

One of the most beautiful materials we see and one of the most easily damaged too. But don’t worry, we’ve got an answer for whatever’s gone wrong. [More]

Any type, any location...

#200 NeroQom® Coated Surfaces

It doesn’t matter how it’s been coated, we have Disciplines to maintain and even upgrade your surfaces. [More]

We really do everything...

#300 NeroQom® Flooring

Picking the right floor for a space can be difficult. That’s why we maintain and install a wide range of different flooring options to ensure we have the perfect one for you. [More]

This clearly needs care...

#400 NeroQom® Glass

From prestigious buildings to superyachts, glass is everywhere and in need of our care. [More]

We'll help it last...

#500 NeroQom® Polyplast

You see polyplast every day, from window and door frames to small boats. Our Squad can help you to keep it looking its best for years to come. [More]

Often over looked...

#600 NeroQom® Rubber & Sealant

Rubber and sealants are essential to keep your structure secure and water-proof. We can apply, maintain or replace these as needed. [More]

Hard but fragile...

#700 NeroQom® Stainless Steel​

Even the toughest materials need care, whether brushed or polished, our Disciplines take care of your stainless steel. [More]

Rock on...

#800 NeroQom® Stone

We love taking care or all types of stones, from the oldest to the newest. We can maintain, apply protective coatings and much more to keep it in the best condition for years to come. [More]

It'll only last with care...

#900 NeroQom® Wood

A versatile material which appears in so many different situations but can be very fragile. We can restyle and protect or simply take care of your wood. [More]

Process Techniques.

Stand back...

#010 NeroQom® Blast

In some cases, you need a more intensive solution to remove contamination or prepare for future treatments. When you do, blasting with a range of different compounds will give you the best results. [More]

Time for a change...

#020 NeroQom® Coating Application

Protect, restore and restyle your surfaces with a new coating application.  [More]

Fighting the good fight...

#030 NeroQom® Graffiti

Remove and minimise the impact of graffiti where ever it occurs with our comprehensive range of Disciplines.  [More]

Start out right...

#040 NeroQom® Preparation

You know what they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail! That’s not a mistake we’ll make. [More]

Flexible answers...

#050 NeroQom® Site Services

Flexibility is key with our site services. These will be used when you need our Squad to complete a range of Disciplines or when you need to see how we work. [More]

Protect before you start...

#060 NeroQom® Temporary Protect

No matter the surface, no matter the situation, we have a range of protection options to take care of it. [More]

Time for a refresh...

#070 NeroQom® Vinyl Film Application

Change the look and finish of a surface easily by applying a vinyl film wrap. [More]

Have bucket will wash...

#080 NeroQom® Wash

The cornerstone of maintenance and starting a project, giving your building or superyacht a good wash can be the first step to you experiencing new again. [More]

Bringing out the big guns...

#090 NeroQom® Water Clean

Sometimes all it takes is a professional clean to Experience New every day. [More]


The secret to our success...

#000 NeroQom® ADAPTS

Every project starts with understanding. Using our Analysis and Diagnosis Disciplines, we will complete detailed evaluation and assessment of what you want. [More]

Leave the details to us...

#001 NeroQom® Project Management

Beyond the Disciplines lies our management services which ensure efficient and professional delivery for every client or partner.  [More]

Everything's under control...

#002 NeroQom® Logistics

When the planning is done, it’s time for action. Our logistical Disciplines make sure the Squad and their equipment are in place from the first day to the last. [More]

Help at every level...

#003 NeroQom® Support Services

If you have your own team to complete a project, you can still benefit from the expertise and experience of the NeroQom® Squad.  [More]

An answer for everything...

#004 NeroQom® Store

When we’re sourcing high-end products for our projects, they’ll be delivered by www.NeroQomStore.comSo, why aren’t yours? [More]

Something a little special...

#005 NeroQom® Advanced Solutions

When your project is truly unique, we’ll give you a customized combination of products and techniques. [More]

Get inspired by us...​

#006 NeroQom® Vision

Your project through our eyes. [More]

Ready to help...

#007 NeroQom® Consultancy

Bring our knowledge to your business by calling in our Consultancy Squad. You can see more about what we can do at  [More]