It's so pretty you won't want to walk on it...

NeroQom® Flooring

Picking the right floor for your building is about more than simple aestethics. Having a solution which meets the needs for your business is essential to safety, hygiene and durability. 

Whether you need an exclusive paneled floor for your meeting room, a repair on an existing installation or a hygienic liquid epoxy floor for you industrial space, we’ve got the right solution.

The NeroQom Squad will help you pick the right material, colour and finish for you, then install it quickly and professionally. We have experience in fitting floors to a range of environments which look amazing and stay that way for the longest time possible.

Whatever you need, contact us to start planning your flooring upgrade to a NeroQom floor today. 

It's harder than it looks...

#300-1 NeroQom® Flooring Liquid Application

Installing a perfect liquid floor takes skill and care. The Squad can apply a range of different liquid flooring types with whichever finish you need.

We'll get it looking amazing...

#310-1 NeroQom® Flooring Maintain

No matter the material, we can take care of your floor, to ensure it’s safe and looks as good as when it was first installed.

A jigsaw puzzle for your office...

#320-1 NeroQom® Flooring Panel Install

Panel floors come in a range of different materials, styles and effects. We can install them to which ever space you need efficiently, no matter the type you choose.