Clearly beautiful...

NeroQom® Glass

Glass is one of the most frequent materials we see. Whether as the windows of a prestigious building or in the mirrors gracing the walls of a superyacht, glass is a crucial component to stunning designs.

But when we see glass, it’s all too often because it’s not been taken care of. If not taken care of properly, glass can become contaminated, lose transparency or suffer from a damaged finish.

Bring the NeroQom Squad in and we’ll not only repair your glass but protect it for the future. It doesn’t matter where it is, the environment or the condition we find it in. We have an answer.

Once we’ve worked our magic your glass will be like new and easier to maintain for the future. That’s right, we’ll work with you to reduce the maintenance your glass needs and so save you money. Good deal, huh?

Not just for seeing through...

#400-1 NeroQom® Glass Film Application

Change the character of your glass with a self-adhesive film. We can add safety, UV protection, decorative design, security and much more.

Toughen up...

#400-2 NeroQom® Glass Protect Shield

The best way to increase the strength, safety and performance levels of your glass.

It's like glass, but better...

#400-3 NeroQom® Glass Protect Upgrade

Upgrade with our molecular tension, nano-coating technology system to make your glass easy to clean and give it lasting protection.

Don't worry, we got this...

#400-4 NeroQom® Glass Repair

Effective removal of pits and chips using transparent or coloured resin.

That needs more than a clean...

#400-5 NeroQom® Glass Restore

Designed for the heaviest contamination on any type of glass, our pH-neutral emulsifying deep cleaners will make it like new again.

No glass too dirty...

#400-6 NeroQom® Glass Restore Etched & Sandblasted

Using our active cleaner, we can remove the heaviest contamination from within the structure of your glass.

Stop scratches ruining the view...

#400-7 NeroQom® Glass Scratch Removal Large Area

The most effective solution for removing scratches of any size and depth over a wide area on glass.

Sniper-like scratch removal...

#400-8 NeroQom® Glass Scratch Removal Precise Area

Quickly and effectively remove small numbers of scratches of any length or depth from your glass. We can even do this on shaped glass.