NeroQom Graffiti

We know the difference between art and vandalism...

NeroQom® Graffiti

The frequency of “artists” “expressing” themselves on other people’s property is all too common in today’s urban environment. Some call it art, other’s call it vandalism.  To you it’s a constant entry on your to-do list. 

Let’s take care of that, shall we?

NeroQom has a proven track record of removing graffiti, where ever it appears, without damaging the underlying material. We will also treat the surface to ensure that any future attacks are quicker (and cheaper) to remove

From hotels to train stations, from airports to museums, we will quickly remove any graffiti completely and with a minimum of disruption.

So, whether you need a one-off removal or need the vandalism controlled across multiple locations in a longer term cooperation, we’re ready to help. Just give us a call

Cleaning with a cuddle...

#030-1 NeroQom® Graffiti Care Clean

Remove difficult graffiti from more sensitive surfaces. One of our most powerful products, it always gives great results.

How it should be done...

#030-2 NeroQom® Graffiti Clean

Effectively and efficiently remove graffiti from a range of surfaces with our market leading techniques.

Bringing out the big guns...

#030-3 NeroQom® Graffiti Clean Pro

For only the most stubborn or deep graffiti, Clean Pro handles the toughest challenges to give you the best results.

The ghost of graffiti past...

#030-4 NeroQom® Graffiti Shadow Remover

If cleaning graffiti leaves a shadow behind, our active products will remove these and leave your surface flawless.

Simple solution for small jobs...

#030-5 NeroQom® Graffiti Wipes

Perfect for small areas or quick cleans, our graffiti wipes are as effective as they are convenient to use.

Your best line of defense...

#031-1 NeroQom® Graffiti Permanent Protect

The perfect solution for areas prone to vandalism. Once applied, this hard-wearing layer will protect your surfaces and make removing graffiti quick & easy.

Taking care of softer surfaces...

#031-2 NeroQom® Graffiti Semi-permanent Protect

For delicate surfaces, this layer will protect your surface from spray paint and come off with the graffiti.