Founded in 2001, NeroQom swiftly developed a reputation for ingenious solutions to complex damage, degradation and contamination.

With our focus on prestigious buildings and superyachts, we change the way people think about maintenance.

Today our family of businesses are the architects of high-end maintenance across the world. Which is fine by us, we love to travel!

The strength of the NeroQom Squad lies in the expertise we’ve developed through experience. Our success comes from considering every aspect of a project. Not just the problem. Everything comes in to play.

We take on the symptom and track down the cause.

That can be during any phase, on nearly any material of a modern façade or luxury superyacht; glass, anodised aluminium, coated surfaces stainless steel… the list is huge. That’s why you can find a full list of the materials and processes we can apply within our Discipline Menu over at NeroQom Services.

With all of these solutions to choose from, how do we ensure the consistent, effect results which our clients demand? Simple, NeroQom ADAPTS

The ADAPTS strategy:

At its heart, ADAPTS is a simple expression of the most complex and detailed things we do.

We follow each step with every project, even where you wouldn’t think it’s needed.  That way we KNOW, when your project is complete, you’ve got the best possible results, using the right products, the right techniques and the right Squad to get it done. Every time.

ADAPTS is the difference, it’s part of what makes us NeroQom.

So, what is it? Well, it’s easy to explain, but complex to use.


That’s the theory. But when you see it in action, it’s a different experience entirely… and so are the results you’ll see on your project.

The NeroQom Family:

NeroQom Consultancy:
Masters of Analysis and Diagnosis, these are the Doctors of NeroQom. Our Consultants handle the evaluation of every project, Assessment & training and troubleshooting both for our clients, partners and the NeroQom Squad.

NeroQom Energy:
NeroQom is committed to the responsible, sustainable future which we so desperately need to get to. That’s why the Project Designers of NeroQom Energy can help you plan, implement and maintain a visually stunning, efficient and flexible solar power generating system for your building’s façade. If you’re ready to do your part for the future, we’re here to help.

NeroQom Prestige:
Masters of the refined, finishing touch, our Senior Technicians are the best of the best so can be found in the most exclusive settings and superyachts. This Luxury Crew brings a depth of knowledge and experience to the job which you won’t find anywhere else. You can be assured of their discretion, professionalism and results at all times.

NeroQom Services:
The powerhouse of NeroQom, our Services Squad are the Craftsmen who’ll get your job done. Trained with the latest Techniques, machines and experienced with a huge array of products, these guys deliver results you won’t believe.

NeroQom Store:
When it comes to sourcing or creating the finest products, you need only the Product Makers of the NeroQom Store. These expert Store Managers deliver the finest Products, consumables and most stylish workwear available to our Squad, partners and clients.

Our Clients:
When you work with us, you’re in good company…

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