NeroQom Preparation

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail...

NeroQom® Preparation

Everything we do is done with consideration. Thought. That’s why we will begin by finding out what you want us to achieve then work backwards all the way to Preparation. 

Missing out a detail at the start of a project will give you a below-standard result when all of the work is done.

But not with NeroQom.

Our Preparation Disciplines were developed to start your project off in the right way, every single time. No matter what the material. No matter the environment. One of these will do the job. 

Let's get started...

#040-1 NeroQom® Core Prep

We start off in the right way by completing a thorough, deep clean of your surface to remove contamination.

We'll make it look great...

#040-2 NeroQom® Renovate Prep

When the surface has been compromised by scratches, chips or dents, this will restore structure and condition before we start work.

Doesn't matter what happened...

#040-3 NeroQom® Restore Prep

If your surface has been damaged with poor or incorrect products, such as wax or coatings, the Squad will remove it before we apply the right solution.

Start out right...

#040-4 NeroQom® Surface Prep

When you need a new paint or coating, we will prepare your surface to ensure the best finish.