NeroQom Project Management

Every t crossed, every i dotted...

NeroQom® Project Management

By the time we start work on your project the Squad will already have completed a lot of work. Assessments, paperwork, permits and much more besides.

This is all covered by our Project Management Disciplines. 

Around every project there are a raft of considerations including health, safety, security, accessibility and environmental concerns. We have the professional qualifications backed by experience to deliver and fulfill each and every one of these. Every time. 

Beyond that you’ll also find our Disciplines for Multi-Year Maintenance Planning, Squad Development, Proposals and Administration. 

We take pride in everything we do. If you want to see how much better that could make your project, contact us now.

Ain't no building too high...

#001-1 NeroQom® PM Accessibility

Crucial to any successful project is our ability to gain access to our work area. We’ll use which ever method gives the best results.

We're good with pens too...

#001-2 NeroQom® PM Administration

Every project requires paperwork, this is where we take care of it.

Because the future matters...

#001-3 NeroQom® PM Environment

We take the wellbeing of our natural environment very seriously and will always minimise any impact where we can. We will use whatever methods are needed to meet your, governmental and our own environmental standards.

Just in case...

#001-4 NeroQom® PM First Aid

We plan carefully to ensure the wellbeing of our Squad and clients, but, if an accident does happen, we will be prepared.

Lets plan for tomorrow...

#001-5 NeroQom® PM Multi Year Planning

A comprehensive program of assessment and planning to maintain your investment in the short-, medium- and long-term.

The detail of our plan...

#001-6 NeroQom® PM Proposal

For larger, more complex and detailed projects, producing an accurate and comprehensive proposal takes a lot of work. This Discipline covers the time and expertise we’ll bring to bear for you.

It goes without saying but...

#001-7 NeroQom® PM Safety

Considering any specific requirements which you have, legal requirements and our own, we will provide you with comprehensive safety solutions every time.

We take it seriously...

#001-8 NeroQom® PM Security

Security covers all aspects of a project, from ensuring the safety of the public to protecting information on site; security is a high priority on every project.

We don't know everything...

#001-9 NeroQom® PM Squad Development

We know we have the experts to do the job perfectly because we train them to be perfect and meet your needs. 

Time to check the details...

#001-10 NeroQom® PM Subcontractor Terms Review

If we send you a contract but you send us one back, we’ll need to spend some time reviewing it and making sure everything is possible. That’s what this Discipline takes care of.