NeroQom's Projects

Interested in what we’ve been up to for nearly 20 years?

Here’s a taste of some of the amazing places you’ll find the results from our Discipline Menu. Whether they were completed by the NerQom Squad, our trusted partners, our products or with our oversight, the results are always amazing and the clients always happy.

Beauty to behold...

MY Tatoosh

Imagined by Nobiskrug.
92m or German design. 
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Safe in our hands...


Designed by Jo Palma. 
Home to 3,800 staff
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High fliers...

World Trade Centre Schiphol

A center of business excellence. 


MY Mogambo​

Over 73m of style from Nobiskrug.

Gorgeous at sea...

MY Alfa Nero

An 82m marine dream from Oceanco.

An icon for us all...

De Rotterdam

A vertical city at the heart of Rotterdam. 

Award winning...

Montevideo Rotterdam

Nearly 140m of unique Dutch architecture and skill.

A Masterpiece...

MY Madame Gu

99m of Feadship elegance to inspire. 


MY Flying Fox

Legally stunning...

Palace of Justice

Finished in 2005, this Rogers, Stirk, Harbour Partners design is a jewel of Belgium’s architecture.

Big & beautiful...

MY Dilbar

At 156m, Dilbar is currently the considered the largest yacht in the world by volume. 

Dutch class...

SY Black Pearl

107m of sailing yacht from Oceanco. She features 2,900 square meters of sails on her Dyanrig mast system.

A fitting HQ...

Shell HQ
The Hague

The building is a masterwork by the renowned Nieuwkerken Brothers, Dutch architects from the turn of the 20th century. 


World Port Centre

Constructed in 1999 from designs by Sir Norman Foster, the WPC is a true icon for Rotterdam and the world. 


MY Ocean Victory

At 140m, Ocean Victory is an impressive achievement. Completed in 2014, she remains one of the largest in the world.


De Rabobank

Situated at the heart of Utrecht, the Rabobank Croeselaan HQ is a breathtaking achievement. 

Function & style...


Finished in 2015, this modular design is home to offices, municipal facilities and residential units too.

Safe & sound...

Schiphol Tower

Completed in 1991, this air traffic control center keeps the skies safe at one of the busiest airports in the world.


MY Octopus

Launched in 2003, Octopus is another masterpiece from the German team at Lürssen.

World beater...

MY Rising Sun

138m of gorgeous design from the team at Germany’s Lürssen.


German design...

De Colonel

Designed by German architect Hans Kollhoff, De Colonel is a gorgeous centerpiece to the city.

Building tomorrow...


The IMEC HQ in Leuven, Belgium, is an inspiring and unique design. 

Luxury & elegance...

SY Maltese Falcon

An award winning luxury experience like no other. Maltese Flacon is a true Queen of the seas. 

Inspired design...

MY Pelorus

115m of beauty from Lürssen of Germany. 

One of a kind...

Het Rijksmuseum

Designed in the 1870’s by Dutch Architect Pierre Cuypers.


Designer digs...

Casa Confetti

Home to 377 students from Architects Marlies Rohmer.


The magic of film...

EYE Film Museum

The home of Dutch film from Delugan Meissl architects.


Uniquely styled...

Umicore Hoboken

Completed in 2009 by Conix Architects.


Top of the city...

De Maastoren

164.75 metres of Dutch excellence.


Elegance in the city..


Designed by Foster & Partners in the heart of London, this is one of their finest designs. 



Finance Tower

At 145m, this is the 2nd tallest structure in Belgium.


A one-off...


Ten floors of inspired Dutch design.


Like no other...

Merchant Square 5, London

A masterpiece at the heart of the city.


Airport Eelde