NeroQom Site Services

We're a flexible Squad...

NeroQom® Site Services

There are a lot of reasons that clients call us in. Sometimes it’s for a very specific issue. But, often, it’s to help them manage their project over a longer term or on demand

For those clients, we have our Day Rate Projects Discipline. Call us in when you need us to take care of issues for you. As and when you need. 

Other clients ask us to show what we can do. That’s when we’ll come in to complete a Test Day. We’ll use this day to give you a proof of concept for your project and needs. Simple as that. 

NerQom on demand...

#050-1 NeroQom® Day Rate Projects

When you need flexibility, our day rate will give you access to the Squad when and how you need it.

We'll show you what we can do...

#050-2 NeroQom® Test Day Performance

For more unique and unusual projects, it may be necessary for the Squad to show you what we can do and give you some options of result. We call these visits our Test Days.