A bright future...

NeroQom® Solar Façade

NeroQom loves gorgeous architecture and design. But we’re also passionate about the future of our world.

Historically, you had to pick one over the other. A gorgeous building with little or no renewable energy generation or ugly black solar panels bolted to any flat surface. No thank you, we’re just not very good at that type of compromise.

That’s why we bring you NeroQom Solar Façade , a next generation solar power generation system which tackles the two biggest issues of existing solar issues, space and design, and solves them. Beautifully.

Without compromise.

The first issue with renewable energy is the space needed . With most solar panels needing a flat surface, the amount of space you have for current power generation is minimal. A typical high-rise building has a lot of wall, but not much roof. We deal with that by mounting our system to the facade of your building.

This drastically increases the surface area available for power generation while adding an extra layer to your building. A layer which is durable and easy to clean. It’s like a suit or armor for your building … one that also saves money on your electric bills . Clever, right?

Now you’re probably thinking, there goes the design . Well, historically, you would be right. You would have had to accept turning your facade into a black lump on the city. Not with NeroQom.

Our solar modules use ColorBlast technology. This revolutionary technology lets us add any color, design or pattern to our solar panels. Letting you add your logo, advertising or camouflage your panels into your existing façade. We can also make our modules custom sizes, shapes and thicknesses to suit your needs.

Because something to take away with you? A bit of light reading with a coffee? No problem! Here’s some information you can download and read at your leisure:

Introducing NeroQom Solar Facade (PDF, 1MB)

ColorBlast Datasheet (PDF, 1MB)