Let's introduce the enemy...

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If you have tasks Discipline Menu, then you know we do a huge range of different jobs. Combining exclusive products with unique techniques we can tackle any issue you may have.

But you’re probably wondering which problems specifically? Well, below you will find images or some issues we have tasks on the Disciplines we’ve used to help our clients experience new again

If you see the challenges you’re facing here, well, you have your answer.

If you don’t, drop us a line and we’ll let you know what you need.

It’s as simple as that. 

How did this even get here...

Liquid concrete contamination

We see this so often, liquid concrete contamination. Thankfully the Squad can take care of it and make your surface like the damage was never there. 

Should have called us...

The problem with wax...

A year after a competitor applied wax, this was the result. Without a thorough understanding of the long-term impact of a treatment, this is what can happen. Never to our clients though, that’s why they stay with us. 

Not what they expected...

...and more wax

Wax sounds like an effective and simple answer. But this is what happens when you don’t get an expert to apply it. Streaks, mess … it just looks horrible. Something you’ll never see from the Squad. 


The result of failing to plan

Liquid concrete will decimate anodised aluminium. That’s why NeroQom recommends installing temporary protection in areas where you still need to work. Here we were called too late, so we had to fix the damage rather than prevent it.

Don't worry, we saved it...

Chalk & limescale ruins glass

We all love a room with a view, but when your glass is contaminated by runoff from bricks and masonry, well, see for yourself. Or not in this case. 

Normal washing won’t handle this, but we took care of it and restored the view in no time.

Well, that's not ideal...

Time ruins everything

It does not matter how tough it is, if it is not maintained, this happens. 

The Squad can remove the old paint, prep the surface and apply a new coating. Properly maintained, it will last a long time. 

At least the light is clean...

More than aesthetics

Our job isn’t just making things look pretty, it’s also about safety.

Algae is easy to remove, but it’s also easy to slip and fall on. Taking care of this type of contamination is as quick as it is important.  

This needs high speed results...

Not a good impression

The longer you leave graffiti, the more people will see it. That’s even more true when it’s on a train, travelling around the country. 

The Squad handles this type of issue in cities all over the world every day. Quick, easy, effective.

Not the best look...

Even metal gets stained

Our clients are often surprised by the ways in which their projects become contaminated. This, for example, used to be anodised aluminium. Now it’s a streaked mess. 

Thankfully, this isn’t new to the Squad. We had it looking good as new in no time. 

Max height, minimum cleaning...

Stainless but not corrosionless

Stainless steel, when not maintained for long enough, will begin to corrode. Not only does it look awful but, in time, you’ll think you need to replace it. 

If you get us in we will stop the damage and even protect the surface to make it last longer.

No, no, no...

Know your product

What you’re looking at here is two things. A  competitor’s failed graffiti treatment which damaged the natural stone substrate and runoff of the treatment on to stainless steel. 

That’s how not to do it. Thankfully we could fix it and make it like new again.  

Who'd have thought...​

More concrete issues

Applying liquid concrete without care can lead to this. Glass and anodised aluminium contaminated and damaged. Not good.

You can avoid this with temporary protection, or get us in to fix the mess after. Your call. 

Showing an ugly history...​

Looking after the past​

Without exposure to the sun and in damp environments you get algae. You can also see that the stone needs some love.

Once we were done, this piece of history was preserved for the future. Go us!

Even on day one...​

Problems built in​

Our client saw this after construction. We took a look and let them know that this issue is actually a production fault.  Rare, but they happen. 

We have the tools to deal with it so we got the job done and the building looking perfect. 

Even Maria hates this...​

Gone in no time​

Even little bits of graffiti like this ruin your building. It makes it look untidy, messy and just… less. 

We hate this as much as you do, so we have Disciplines to take this off faster than they put it on. 

Edit Not what it looks like...​

Even plastic can be ruined​

PVC doesn’t get contaminated easily. But, with enough time and enough neglect, this is what you get.  It took some skill, but we brought this back to perfect, pure white again. 

Magic in progress...

NeroQom at work

This is a test of surface structure of anodised aluminium. The result wasn’t great.

Still, from this test we could find the issue and get the right discipline to fix it. Now it’s gorgeous again. 

Well, you COULD do that...

Restoring protection

What we’ve got here is damage to the protective layer of a brushed bronze panel. It’s very specialist work to look after these beauties. 

Not for us though. We took care of these and had them back in shape for our client with ease.

Corrosion driving you loopy...

The sea can be cruel

Stainless steel is tough, but not when faced with the might of the ocean. In time, even steel will succumb to corrosion.

The Squad has good sea legs, so we took care of it and made it like new again. 

Stop ruining our stone...

Graffiti is everywhere

Vandals have no respect. They even attack gorgeous stone like this. Whilst some treatments can damage natural stone, NeroQom has disciplines which don’t. That lets us remove the graffiti without causing more issues. 

Not what you'd expect...

Unexpected contamination

Concrete should be left with suitable cleaning. But from time to time we come across this type of issue.

Rusting metal contaminating the surface and ruining the look. Easily fixed, believe it or not. 

Deceptive damage...

You need to think of everything

Salt water can have some surprising effects. One of those is patchy stains like this. Over time the surface of the paint is impacted and ruined.

No problem, we’ve got the answer for it and can even add protection against it happening again.

This isn't art...

Choose layers with care

Some people have this look by choice. For this client it was the result of a paint failure.

The Squad removed the damaged surface, cleaned, prepared and then reapplied for a better, lasting finish. 


We're ready for anything

This graffiti was impressive for the area it covered. Three distinct materials, stone, metal and wood, all damaged.

Thankfully we have treatments for all three, so it was gone in no time. 

It was ruined until we arrived...

Saving bronze

What we have here is some lovely coated bronze caked in concrete. A water runoff carried the concrete down and all over this lovely material destroying the protective coating. 

We not only saved the bronze, we also restored the coating, leaving it all good as new.

What a mess...

We'll take on any issue

This anodised aluminium formed part of a client’s roof cladding. It hadn’t been loved in a while so was stained and horrible. 

We took it back to looking amazing then added protection to keep it looking perfect for longer.

This is a step not a plant pot...

Don't just clean, protect

It’s a common problem, but, if treated properly, it doesn’t need to be a regular one. 

We can clean and apply a protection to your wood that’ll make this algae a thing of the past.

Even the bricks are crying...​

We chase down issues

This type of masonry occurs because water is lazy. It finds the easiest route and sticks to it, building up damage and contamination.

We’ll fix it and stop it happening again. Simple as that.

You don't want to know...​

Undoing damage done

Would you believe this was meant to be a protective coating? Using the wrong product can destroy your natural stone.

With this one, however, we removed the offending treatment and put a proper one on. Now? You’d never know it ever looked like this.

This'll go swimmingly...

Not the view you'd expect

What you’re looking at here is contaminated glass in a swimming pool. Not the sight you want to see when taking a dip. 

All the plants mean traditional treatments won’t work. They’ll kill the plants. Thankfully we had an answer which restored the view without killing the wildlife.