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If you have tasks Discipline Menu , then you know we have a huge range of different jobs. Combining exclusive products with unique techniques we can tackle any issue you may have.

But you’re probably wondering which problems specifically? Well, below you will find images or some issues we have tasks on the Disciplines we’ve used to help our clients experience new again

If you see the challenges you’re facing here, well, we have your answer.

If you don’t, drop us a line and we’ll let you know what you need.

It’s as simple as that. 

Anodised Aluminium

As one of the most frequently used materials in a range of construction methods, we see a lot of anodised aluminum.

The range of damage and contamination which anodised aluminum is subject to is huge. Thankfully, the Squad has seen and dealth with it all before. 

Coated Surfaces

No matter what the substrate or the coating, we’ve seen it. 

We work hard to improve the quality or extend the life of any type of coated surfaces. But, when we can’t, we’ve got the skills and experience to repair or replace them as appropriate. 


Just as the rock-solid foundation of our cities, concrete still needs love.

Over time, contamination build up can lead to staining and damage. We can handle it, though, helping to protect or restore as needed. 


We’re seeing new ways for glass to be contaminated every year. Whether through environmental, pollution or construction methods, it is one of the easiest ways to spot a poorly maintained building or superyacht. 

NeroQom will get your glass looking perfect then work with you to keep it that way. Whether through a simple wash to a complex protection program, we’ve got you covered. 


A menace to the cities around us, graffiti seems to be everywhere. 

Thankfully the Squad can remove it quickly and completely. This is not only a good look for your building, it also dissuades future attacks. Of course, when that doesn’t deter them, we have a range of anti-graffiti Disciplines too … 

  PVC doesn’t get contaminated easily. But, with enough time and enough neglect, this is what you get. 

It took some skill, but we brought this back to perfect, pure white again. 


With a reputation for being durable and long-lasting, some people forget to give their polyplast it needs.

The NeroQom Squad can clean, restore and protect your polyplast to keep it looking amazing and lasting longer too. 

Stainless Steel

One of the toughest and visually stunning materials we see. That means it really shows when your stainless steel picks up damage or contamination.

With the right treatment, your stainless steel can be restored to its former glory quickly and effectively. Just let us know where it is … 

  Stainless steel is tough, but not when faced with the might of the ocean. In time, even steel will succumb to corrosion.

The Squad has good sea legs, so we took care of it and made it like new again. 

  Stainless steel, when not maintained for long enough, will start to corrode. Not only does it look awful but, in time, you’ll think you need to replace it. 

If you call us in, we’ll stop the damage and protect the surface to make it last longer.


An elegant and natural choice with a range of uses, wood gives a feel like nothing else.

Proper maintenance is, however, crucial. Failing to look after it can cause problems sooner than you’d think …

  It’s a common problem, but if treated properly, it doesn’t need to be a regular one. 

We can clean and apply protection to your wood that will make this a thing of the past.