Tough material, perfect solutions...

NeroQom® Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the toughest construction materials used in prestigious buildings or superyachts. But just because it’s tough, doesn’t mean that you can get away without proper maintenance.

Completely the opposite.

Our range of Disciplines have been created to ensure that your stainless steel retains it’s amazing look and stays just as tough, no matter what type of finish it has. Even if it’s brushed or polished finish, we have a range of options to restore, protect or upgrade your stainless steel so that you can experience new every day

Bring back the shine...

#700-1 NeroQom® Polished Stainless Steel Restore

Our pH-neutral, emulsifying deep cleaners will perfectly remove deep contamination or minor corrosion from your polished stainless steel.

Just like new...

#700-2 NeroQom® Brushed Stainless Steel Restore

Using our innovative techniques and pH-neutral, emulsifying deep cleaners on your brushed stainless steel, we’ll take care of deep contamination and minor corrosion.

Save your shine...​

#710-1 NeroQom® Polished Stainless Steel Protect

Upgrade with our molecular tension, nano-coating technology system to make your polished stainless steel easy to clean and give it lasting protection against contamination.

The tech to protect...

#710-2 NeroQom® Brushed Stainless Steel Protect

By applying our molecular tension, nano-coating technology system we’ll upgrade your brushed stainless steel to give it a clean and lasting protection against contamination.

Make the best better...

#720-1 NeroQom® Polished Stainless Steel Polishing

Restore the flawless surface of your polished stainless steel, no matter how compromised it is.

Unique finish, unique solution...

#720-2 NeroQom® Brushed Stainless Steel Brushing

Our Squad will work on your brushed stainless steel to make its surface like new, no matter how damaged it is.

Like steel but better...

#730-1 NeroQom® Stainless Steel Upgrade Protect

Take care of your stainless steel by upgrading it with our anti-corrosion protection.