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NeroQom® Stone

Stone has been used for thousands of years to create some of the most amazing and iconic buildings. To this day you’ll find it in most buildings to some degree or another.

You’ll also find Stone as a luxury detail on beautiful superyachts. It adds a feel and finish that no other material can. Stone is truly unique.

With how long Stone had been used, the care and protection of this material must have been perfected, right? 

Not until NeroQom created our Disciplines. 

Unlike many other treatments, all of ours are created and customised to ensure that that clean or protect your stone without damaging or compromising it. That should go without saying, but too many times we’re called in to undo the damage which other products cause.

If you want to cut straight to the finest results and avoid any damage, call us today

No one wants to see that...

#800-1 NeroQom® Stone Algae Clean

From light to heavy growth, we can remove most types of algae from your stone.

How it should be done...

#800-2 NeroQom® Prostone Fluid Protect

NeroQom® Prostone is an innovative, comprehensive and effective system to protect a huge range of stone from the elements.

For those hard to reach spots...

#800-3 NeroQom® Stone Cream Protect

Protect your stone from the elements with this cream system which offers some unique application options.

As good as new...​

#810-1 NeroQom® Stone Restore Pro

A versatile cleaning, restoration and maintenance solution for stone. This can be customized for a wide range of different types of damage and contamination. This customisation includes application by polishing or brushing.