Prevention is much better than cure...

NeroQom® Temporary Protect

There are many reasons why you’d need to apply temporary protection to a surface or area. But it all comes down to needing to complete work without contaminating or damaging the surrounding area.

The NeroQom Squad can apply temporary protection to a section of material in a space or seal off an entire area. Just let us know what you need and we’ll ensure that the damage is prevented and the mess contained.

We can complete our Temporary Protection Disciplines anywhere; construction sites, during renovation, on superyachts or in spaces exposed to the weather. Let us know what you need to achieve and we’ll take care of it.

Simple as that.

Safe for a little while...

#060-1 NeroQom® Temporary Protect

Flexibly applied liquid temporary protection which will dry to provide a layer of protection. This layer will be applied to the thickness and strength you need.

Flexible and tough...

#060-2 NeroQom® Temporary Protect Pro

Liquid temporary protection which we can adjust the character of to match your needs, including different colours, hardness, fire-resistance, anti-corrosion and much more.

You point, we protect...

#060-3 NeroQom® Temporary Protect Site

Using a range of specialist methods, we will isolate our work area to prevent damage or contamination.

Nothing is getting through...

#060-4 NeroQom® Temporary Protect Solid

Available with a variety of characteristics including colours, different levels of transparency and thickness. From boards to carpets to films, these are flexible and hard-wearing temporary protection solutions.