NeroQom Vinyl Film Application

How hard can it be...

NeroQom® Vinyl Film Application

Have you ever tried to wrap a sandwich in food wrap? It’s like a dark art, isn’t it? Now, imagine trying to do the same thing with a building. Doesn’t sound fun, does it?

Vinyl film application is like this, but much harder to do well. That’s why it’s something we specialize in. You’ll know if your application was done by one of the NeroQom Squad because it will be perfect. No bubbles. No creases. Perfect fit. Perfect covering. 

We’re the experts with vinyl film… when it comes to food wrap and sandwiches? You’re on your own!

Everything in one...

#070-1 NeroQom® Vinyl Wrapping

Wrap your surface to change the look, renovate or protect it with versatile, long-lasting vinyl film wraps.