NeroQom Wash

Want to see a magic trick with a bucket...

NeroQom® Wash

Anyone can do a simple bit of window cleaning, right? It’s just some water, a bucket and a ladder, yeah?


A simple wash is only simple and a wash if you know what you’re doing. If you understand how the project you’re working on is built and how the materials it is made from react to different types of chemical or water.

The NeroQom Squad has the experience and knowledge to ensure that, when completed, our wash will leave your project clean and you happy.

We offer one-off and repeat wash options and have the experience in using a huge range of accessibility systems so we can get to every part of your project.  

We can also complete wash services on your project during construction. This ensures that your warranty conditions will be met throughout the build and reduce exploitation delays as your snaglist will be smaller

High-tech washing time...

#080-1 NeroQom® Advanced Wash

A wash with something extra. We’ll change the character of water to give you a unique result; a deeper clean, ongoing protection or whatever you need.

Get the basics right...

#080-2 NeroQom® Basic Wash

A wash, making it wet and dry. The Goal? Just a clean. Cheap and effective.

A clean with our eyes open...

#080-3 NeroQom® Core Wash

A wash and a check-up. We’ll give everything a wash and assess the condition of your project as we do it.

A wash without water...

#080-4 NeroQom® Microfiber Wash

Anywhere water can’t go, we’ll use our range of microfiber cloths.

Smart water, smart wash...

#080-5 NeroQom® Reverse Osmosis Wash

A clean using a brush and demineralised water. This prevents streaking after the clean and gives a purer result.