Bringing out the big guns...

NeroQom® Water Clean

When the sponge won’t do the job, we’ll bring the bigger equipment to bear.

The NeroQom Squad has a range of different machines available which will let us customize the character of water to get different results.

By changing the temperature, pressure or spray pattern that we use we can get very different results for your project. This lets us work on delicate surfaces to get a perfect clean without damaging the substrate.

Our equipment also lets us be very precise with the area in which we clean. So, only the part which needs cleaning gets a wash, not the entire street!

A nice warm bath...

#090-1 NeroQom® Hot Water Clean

Our Squad will use variable heat and pressure technology to get even more out of water to clean your surfaces.

You better stand back...

#090-2 NeroQom® Jet Water Clean

Variable pressure washing with water can be the most basic way to clean your surfaces, depending on our ADAPTS review.